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We would be honored if you read this letter about our mission from our director, BJ Clarke. It tells the story of the school’s past, continues the story with the school’s present, and projects our dreams for the school’s future.

I have loved the Memphis School of Preaching since I was a little boy.  My father, T.J. Clarke, attended the school from 1970-1972.  Even now, nearly five decades later, I can remember the powerful preaching of E.L. Whitaker.  I have heard my father speak often, and fondly, of the tremendous impact the faculty had upon him.  I have seen the fruits of their labors in the work my father has done, and in the things he passed down to me, which he learned from these men.

I have immeasurable appreciation for the history of the Memphis School of Preaching.  I have tremendous gratitude for the directorship of men like Roy J. Hearn, Curtis A. Cates, and Bobby Liddell.

Every time I look at the curriculum of the school I thank God for the wisdom of Roy Hearn in laying foundations for the school that are still so solid.

Every time I show a prospective student the student housing and library, I thank God for the vision of men like brother Cates.

Every time I contemplate the current stability of the school, doctrinally, and financially, I praise God for the excellent job brother Liddell has done in leading the way.  I cannot thank brother Liddell enough for recommending me to this great work.

When I first became Directory, on January 1, 2013, it brought me great comfort to know that brother Cates and brother Liddell were so close at hand to offer assistance and advice to me as I endeavor to “keep the toes of the school pointed in the right direction.”  Throughout its history from 1966 to present, the Memphis School of Preaching has been blessed with godly elders, gifted preachers, and dedicated members of the church.  MSOP has been so blessed to possess such a knowledgeable and experienced faculty, with well over 400 years of combined wisdom.

I truly appreciate the alumni of the Memphis School of Preaching.  It has been our privilege to send forth over 1000 graduates.  We love our alumni!  One of the greatest honors of my life was to be named as an honorary alumnus of the school in 2006.  We hope you enjoy visiting our new website.  Take a look around.  If you are already a graduate, you will enjoy the trip down memory lane.  If you are not a graduate, be careful, because you just might get so excited about the School that about two years from now you will be graduating!

BJ Clarke

What They’re Saying

If you want to preach the gospel, you can do no better than spend two years in Memphis.

Allen WebsterAlumnus

I think anyone who desires to preach would do well to consider and attend the Memphis School of Preaching. I’ll never forget my time at the school -- it was some of the best years of my life.

Eric OwensAlumnus

My two years in the MSOP were two of the best years of my life. ... Such a solid spiritual foundation has proven invaluable to me in my ministry.

Cliff GoodwinAlumnus

It can be quite inspiring to hear the Truth proclaimed by those who are yearning to learn the Truth and burning to teach it.

Dan CatesInstructor
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On campus, we have a beautiful church building and school building. In addition to that, we are blessed to be the location of the N.B. Hardeman library and four clean, modern student housing buildings.

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