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The MOST Program

Get The MOST Out Of MSOP

The mission of the Memphis School of Preaching doesn’t end in our classrooms. The MOST program is an online treasure chest of spiritual riches. It contains hours of intense, college-level study of the Word of God — at no cost to you.


Current Courses

Languages of the Bible #646

Taught by Keith A. Mosher, Sr. [B.A., M.A., M.Th.,D.Min.], will provide an introduction of the languages in which the Bible was written—Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek—and will also provide a background for understanding how languages work and how they have developed.

Joshua through Ruth #604

Taught by Daniel F. Cates [B.A., M.A.], will be an in depth study of these Old Testament books.

Mark #622

Taught by Tom Wacaster [B.A.], will be an in depth study of this New Testament book.

The MOST Archives

Countless Hours Of Knowledge

Aside from the classes currently ongoing, there are hours upon hours of spiritual treasure stored up in the MOST archives. Explore everything from Bible geography to the messiahship of Jesus in these archives.


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