Building A Solid Foundation: The Word



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What You Need to Know

Here are the crucial details of the 2018 week.


June 23-29


Always the first Saturday after Fathers Day



Held at the school

Most stay on-campus, some stay with area Christians

What They’re Saying

“There are still a lot of godly teenagers in this world, and the hope you feel during this week will keep you fueled long after it's over.”

Abby ReynoldsAttendee

“I highly recommend the Foundations program to all Christian teenagers who are interested in a powerful week of spiritual focus and soul strengthening. The attendees of this program are shining their lights brightly in a dark world, and are poised to have an even greater impact for good in the future.”

Kevin RutherfordFoundations Instructor

“While other camps are all about the fun, with a little Bible thrown in, what makes Foundations special is that it's all about the Word, with a little fun thrown in.”

Kase BrittonFormer Attendee, Current MSOP Student