MOST Flyer

Question:  Who can take the MSOP MOST classes?

Answer:  Anyone! Any may take these classes regardless of age, gender, occupation, educational level, religious background. One does not have to be an alumnus of the Memphis School of Preaching to take these classes.

Question:  How much will the classes cost?

Answer:  The classes are offered free of any charge. The only costs will be in the student’s finding any text books which may be required by the instructors (most of which are available via brotherhood companies and publishers or through popular sights like Amazon).

Question:  Where should I begin?

Answer:  That depends on what you want to study. There are three live classes each semester and a good number of others available on-line.

Question:  When are the classes offered?

Answer:  Live classes are offered during the fall and spring on Thursdays at 11:00 A.M., 2:00 P.M., and 6:00 P.M. (Central Time). Archived classes may be viewed 24-7-365.

Question:  Where are the live classes offered?

Answer:  In addition to being able to view them at, one may participate in person in room 405 of the Memphis School of Preaching’s educational facility which is located in Memphis, TN, at 3950 Forest Hill Irene Rd.

Question:  How can I watch the classes?

Answer:  You can go to to watch the live classes and all classes which have been archived since the classes began being made available on-line.

Question:  What programs are offered?

Answer:  The MOST classes may be audited or taken toward a certificate (awarded after the successful completion of 72 semester hours) or an advanced diploma which is the equivalent of an MA in Biblical Studies (awarded after the successful completion of 72 hours and contingent upon a student’s having completed the MSOP two-year program or a like training program or having a BA or BS in a Biblical area from a four-year college).

Question:  With what organization does MSOP have accreditation?

Answer:   The Memphis School of Preaching is not accredited and has never sought accreditation due to her focus on preaching and training preachers without the constraints of overseeing, secular bodies. What this means is that she can focus on God’s Word alone.

Question:  What are the outside assignments?

Answer:  The requirements vary based on the student’s educational goal and the desires of the individual teachers. The teachers are encouraged to give more difficult assignments for students who have graduated from MSOP, a similar program, or who have degrees in Biblical subjects  from brotherhood institutions and are seeking the MOST advanced diploma; teachers are also encouraged to give an average amount of work to those without that background who are simply seeking a MOST certificate; and teachers are encouraged to assign little or no outside work to those who are merely wanting to audit the classes.

Question:  How do I register for the classes?

Answer:  Either follow the link on the bottom of the page at or go to

Question:  If I view the classes on-line, can I interact with the instructor?

Answer:  This really varies based upon how comfortable the instructor is with the “equipment”/technology. There is a link which reads “Click Here to Participate in the Live Chat”; some instructors will actively watch that feed and respond to comments or questions.

Question:  Who are the instructors?

Answer:  The classes available on-line have been taught by instructors who were on the faculty of the Memphis School of Preaching at the time the class was offered. The instructors (all sound Gospel preachers who have spent years in study of their subjects and who are recognized for their broad knowledge in their subject areas) of the available classes have been Keith A. Mosher, Sr. [B.A., M.A., M.Th., D.Min.], Ted J. Clarke [B.A.], Don Walker, Tom Wacaster, and Daniel F. Cates [B.A., M.A.].

Question:  What is next?

Answer:  Within the next decade, Lord willing, classes on every book of the Bible and numerous ancillary subjects will be made available.

Question:  Where may I find the syllabi, handouts, and tests?

Answer:  Each class is assigned an on-line “Course Documents” section above the videos for the given class [from, simply click on the link to the class]. Any documents which the instructor has made available digitally will appear there; if there are no documents available, the instructor should let you know what will be required on the video of the first class meeting.

Question:  How formal are the classes?

Answer:  The MOST program is relatively informal—much more-so than the two-year program; however, the teaching is sound and thorough. If you have any more questions feel free to contact the school directly.

Question:  Do I have to take the classes in person and do the outside assignments if I am auditing?

Answer: With your auditing, you are free to watch any of the classes that are being or have been archived at your leisure and may or may not take part in the outside assignments as you desire.

Question:  Are there options other than auditing the classes and will I have to do outside assignments?

Answer:  If you would prefer to take the classes toward the MOST certificate, there would be a modicum of work which would be required, and still more if you wished to pursue the Advanced Diploma—contingent upon your having met educational requirements.

Question:  How can I know when the next classes will be offered?

Answer:  Feel free to contact Dan Cates at or any of the school secretaries to be added to the mailing list for fliers advertising future quarters.

We appreciate your interest in the MOST program!