MSOP Seminars

Student Development

MSOP Seminars

Great Speakers, Great Topics, Great Encouragement

A relatively new part of our students’ education is the use of seminars. We’re blessed to bring in some of the finest men of God in the brotherhood and have 6-8 hours to sit at their feet and study the Word.

Preaching Seminar

Tom Holland
December 17, 2014

Ministry Seminar

Allen Webster
December 8-9, 2016

1st Annual World Evangelism Seminar

BJ Clarke, John Grubb, Billy Bland, Mark Reynolds, Robert Martin, Steve Vice
October 14-15, 2016

2nd Annual World Evangelism Seminar

Keith Mosher, Brian Howard, Don Blackwell, Rob Whitacre, BJ Clarke, Tim Hayes, Tim Wilkes Sr.
October 14, 2017