The Alumnus Of The Year

Our Highest Honor

Alumni & Friends Dinner at the 2016 lectureship
The Alumnus Of The Year

The Spirit Of The School

Every year, the Alumnus of the Year award is awarded at our annual lectureship. It is meant to honor one who, first and foremost, is walking in Christ’s footprints. The alumnus of the year should be one who preaches the Word, loves his family, and gives the glory to God–who embodies the spirit we want the school to always possess.

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Mark Reynolds is the chairman of the Alumnus of the Year award. You can make a nomination for the award by simply emailing Mark at Two things to keep in mind: the chairman, as well as committee members (past winners of the award, shown below), are ineligible. Also, any past or present financial contributions or fundraising will not be a determining factor in selecting nominees.

Committee members: Emanuel Daugherty (1988), Melvin Hampton (1989), Dewey Medlin (1990), Rod Rutherford (1991), Jim Dearman (1992), John Barcus (1993), Skip Andrews (1994), Bobby Gayton (1995), Nick Deiger (1996), Bobby Liddell (1997), Hermon Doss (1998), Dean Gittings Jr. (1999), Ted J. Clarke (2000), Don Rhodes (2001), Jerry Martin (2002), Billy Bland (2003), Bob Spurlin (2004), Gideon Rodriguez (2005), Anthony Hixson (2006), Jeff O’Dell (2007), Michael R. McDaniel (2008), Eddy Gilpin (2009), Keith A. Mosher Sr. (2010), Preston Silcox (2011), Riley Nelson (2012), Barry Hatcher (2013), Albert McDaniel (2014), Robert Knox (2015), Gerald Reynolds (2016), Allen Webster (2017), Joey Davis (2018), Eugene Jenkins (2019), Rick Lawson (2020), Dan Cates (2021), Don Blackwell (2022).

Mark Reynolds at the Alumni and Friends Dinner