MSOP Facility

The Memphis School of Preaching

The elders of the Forest Hill Church of Christ, along with those who serve as faculty of the school, strongly adhere to the principles of the Restoration Movement. They believe the Bible to be the verbally inspired word of God, perfect, sufficient, and fully authoritative, and that it is just as applicable today as when given by the Holy Spirit through inspired men, and that it shall always be able to supply every need of man morally, spiritually, socially, and even in the realm of economics.

It is the desire and intent of this school to send forth men who love the Lord into the fields of labor, and who will always be set for the defense and proclamation of the gospel of Christ. Effort will always be made to conduct this school in a manner worthy of the confidence and support of those who love the truth.

N.B. Hardeman Library

Construction was finished in December 2001 and the N. B. Hardeman library is now open. It was dedicated during the 2002 MSOP Lectureship.

Annette Cates, Librarian
Take a video tour of the N.B. Hardeman Library