MSOP Lectureship Books

Each year, in connection with the annual lectureship, much time and work are put into producing a lectureship book of top quality. For years, the Memphis School of Preaching has operated a bookstore for the purpose of selling these books. As of Septemper 2008, we are no longer operating a bookstore. Our lectureship books, past and present, are now available through Christian Family Bookstore in Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you are interested in ordering one of our lectureship books, please contact C.F.B.

At The Lectureship
2016Lectureship Book$26.00
2016Lectureship CD$25.00
2016Lectureship Book & CD$45.00
After The Lectureship
2016Lectureship Book$30.00
2016Lectureship CD$25.00
2016Lectureship Book & CD$50.00
Past MSOP Lectureship Books
2015Lectureship Book$25.00
2014Lectureship Book$23.00
2013-2009Lectureship Book$15.00
2008-2006Lectureship Book$10.00
2005-2004Lectureship Book$8.00 per set
 Other Past Lectureship Books$5.00 +Shipping

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