Garland Elkins

Dean of Public Relations

Garland Elkins was born in Woodbury, Tennessee, the son of Richard and Emma. His brother, Clark, was also a gospel preacher.

Brother Elkins graduated from Woodbury Central High and his early college studies took him to the University of Middle Tennessee. He then graduated from Freed-Hardeman College (now University) in 1951. He also attended the University of Tennessee. In 2000 brother Elkins was awarded the Doctor of ministry degree from Southern Christian University.

He married the former Corinne Smith and they have three daughters: Connie, the wife of Kenneth Miles and the mother of Olivia; Denise, the wife of Bill Healy and the mother of Stephanie and Shane; and Jan who is a Community Projects Director for a TV Station.

Garland Elkins is eminently qualified to train preachers having been proclaiming the gospel for over sixty years. He has served churches in Linden and Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Roanoke and Newport News, Virginia; Getwell in Memphis, Tennessee; and Southaven, Mississippi. He joined the faculty of Memphis School of Preaching in December, 1990 and presently also serves the church in Stanton, Tennessee. He has preached in more than thirty-two states and Nazareth, England, Northern Ireland, Philippines, India, and Singapore.

He was Freed-Hardeman College Alumnus of the year in 1981 and is not only an evangelist but is also well known as a lecturer, author and debater. His writings include the "Elkins-Ross Debate" (co-author), "The Savior's Way," Spiritual Sword lectureship volumes (co-director, co-editor, for thirteen years), Power lectureship volumes (two years). He was also co-editor of Yokefellow. He appeared on "Phil Donahue" (1984) and ably defended the Bible doctrine of discipline. Brother Elkins is in wide demand as a speaker. His contributions to church lectureships are legion and often he presides at a lectureship's open forum because of his extensive Bible knowledge. His debate with the Baptist, Ross, is a classic, as Elkins defended Mark 16:16 and Ross could not answer even that one verse.

Brother Elkins teaches Bible, Debate class, and other courses. He travels extensively for the school as Dean of Public Relations and has helped encourage many men to come and learn to preach.