Don Walker

Academic Dean

I am Don Walker, a native Texan. Upon graduating in the first class of the Southwest School of Bible Studies in 1979, and moving to Prescott, Arizona, I met my wife, Jackie Gillis Walker. Jackie and I have been married 36 years and have four children: two boys, two girls and eight grandchildren.

I have preached the Gospel for over 36 years and the largest portion of that time has been spent in local work. During this time it has been a privilege to preach the gospel and do campaign work domestically and internationally.

In the various local works, I have had the privilege to preach on the radio and television as well as editing weekly bulletins and monthly periodicals. I have also directed an annual lectureship and edited the books that accompanied the lectures. I have taught in three schools of preaching as well as recorded classes with the World Video Bible School.

I look forward to the opportunity to begin a new chapter with the Memphis School of Preaching. I consider it a privilege, honor, and great blessing from our Father in heaven. I look forward to this great challenge and opportunity with much fervor and anticipation. I covet your prayers in this endeavor.

I want to thank you for consideration of Jackie's and my financial needs while we embark on this next stage of our life. I am humbled and thankful. I pray that our God richly blesses you as you glorify Him in your efforts.