About Us

A few years before the beloved N. B. Hardeman was taken home by the Lord he made this statement, "If I could start over I would have a school in which only the Bible would be taught." He could see the need for greater emphasis on Bible teaching. He was in no wise opposed to secular education, but his main interest was in the purity of the church and the propagation of sound doctrine. His statement would not exclude such related courses as would be beneficial to the preacher, such as Bible Geography, Church History, etc., but he recognized the growing interest in the secular and the decreasing interest in the sacred and divine. No man in this century has done more to promote the restoration of primitive Christianity than did Brother Hardeman through his influence at Freed-Hardeman College.

With this idea from Brother Hardeman in mind, and having observed the beginning of such effort, it was decided to launch such a school east of the Mississippi river. Trips were made to several cities and the proposition laid before elderships. After two years of effort it was arranged to begin the school in Memphis, Tennessee. This was because of the fact that considerable interest in such a school was generated in Memphis, and the location seemed ideal to serve the eastern part of the nation, since no other school of this kind existed then east of the Mississippi. The school was launched in September 1966, with fifteen men enrolled from seven states. Since then the school has enjoyed substantial growth and considerable success can be claimed for the graduates who are now in the field.

The elders of the Forest Hill Church of Christ, along with those who serve as faculty of the school, strongly adhere to the principles of the Restoration Movement. They believe the Bible to be the verbally inspired word of God, perfect, sufficient, and fully authoritative, and that it is just as applicable today as when given by the Holy Spirit through inspired men, and that it shall always be able to supply every need of man morally, spiritually, socially, and even in the realm of economics.

It is the desire and intent of this school to send forth men who love the Lord into the fields of labor, and who will always be set for the defense and proclamation of the gospel of Christ. Effort will always be made to conduct this school in a manner worthy of the confidence and support of those who love the truth.